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292 Newbury Street
Boston, MA, 02115
United States

Children’s clothing/accessories company with blog and ideas on activities to do with children. Offering tips on how to grow strong confident girls.






Some background:

Hi - I'm Momo...I'm the one on the left, and Cashew is the fluffy one. 

I graduated from RISD and moved to New York where I worked for Ralph Lauren designing Children’s Sweaters and loved loved loved designing for kids....I felt driven that the care I put into my design would affect a child in a positive way.  Life brought me to Boston and here I started my next chapter with marriage, a dog (yup, that's Cashew!), and my children; two wonderful girls.  It’s just the five of us without family around so we depend a lot on each other.  

I love every minute of being a mom and am constantly amazed at how different my two daughters are.  With my first daughter, Lily,  I always have to reinforce a message of confidence and strength to her...“believe in yourself, you are strong”.  She's the eldest by four years and so she's always doing things first as she develops into an older girl.  My second daughter Bella is more of a girly girl, but she too needs help with confidence, just in a different way…with guidance on direction and intent.


Why the name:

momo&cashew - because without Cashew, life wouldn’t be the same in Boston.  When we moved to Boston, Cashew and I went exploring around this new town that was new to both of us.  We met people in the neighborhood, made friends with other dog owners, and that’s how we learned about pre-schools, elementary schools, places for our girls to do after school activities, and so on!

Cashew has brought so much happiness to our life and he’s well known around our neighborhood.  At the girls’ school, Lily’s teacher calls Cashew a horse because he’s so tall.  Bella’s classmates laugh when I say Cashew looks like Big Bird from Sesame Street.  He often goes into the Kindergarten classroom to say hi to all the kids.  Cashew is such a gentle giant that no matter how scared the kids are, they all find the courage to come up and say hi - he’s so calm and kind that he puts the other children at ease.

Cashew has taught our darling girls so much over the years…as they say, life is better with dogs!

My girls have learned how to be kind to animals, how to treat and respect them and how to take care of others.  

Lily and Bella take turns giving Cashew his meals, treats, and taking him for walks -yes they pick up after him and put the bag in the trash… City living, you’ve got to pick up after your dog!


My heartfelt goal:

I want to take what I've learnt in my career, and in my experiences with my daughters, to create an environment through momo&cashew that nurtures confidence and strength in every girl’s daily life.

Girls everywhere need a boost in confidence!